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an Order

All the information you need when handling an order with me!

If you need delivery information, please click here.

Placing an order is very simple; where you just throw the item into your basket, click checkout, and go through the standard steps of giving details and payment methods.

When placing an order, I provide a lost cart system, leaving the item in your basket for 3 hours, after which it will be emptied.

For Sneezies, due to their one of a kind uniqueness, simply having the item in your basket does NOT keep it safe. If your chosen Sneezie is in your basket, I'm afraid it is possible for someone else to still purchase it before you if they complete the order first.

I apologise about this but it is a first come first serve situation.

If you desire to cancel your order, I'm sorry to hear that! But I have you covered. If you cancel before I ship the product, then I will issue a refund immediately to you. You can do this via the returns and refunds form here!

However, if you cancel an order while it is en-route to you, I can only issue a refund if the item and all packaging + labels are returned to me 100 percent intact and in such a condition that I am able to resell the item at full price.

For returns information, please click here.

I do not accept refunds on cancelled orders that come back opened or used. If you cancel an order and fail to send it back at all, you will be charged full price for the product.

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