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Sneezie Care

Sneezies are fantastic companions so taking special care of them is important! 

Here are a few pointers to take into account when living with your new Sneezie:

  • They do not enjoy washing machines or intense cleaning in general; being delicate hand made friends, washing them could harm them or deform them a little.

  • Although Sneezie are super cuddly and friendly, they do not require much playtime. They are distant cousins to the more familiar teddy bear, and thus prefer to hang around on furniture and beds comfortably with the occasional hug. (This reduces the risk of ever contemplating washing your Sneezie in the first place).

  • If your Sneezie does get a little mucky, the safest option is to use a cleaning wipe or carefully hand washing the fur in the direct spot you need. They don't like taking baths. ​

  • If you love your Sneezie, your Sneezie will love you! 

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