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a most spectacular lil sneezie friend in a teddybear onezie!

Green Nosed Teddybear Sneezie

SKU: 973
£30.00 Regular Price
£22.50Sale Price
  • Lovingly handcrafted in Manchester, England, from soft faux fur, a small needle felted nose, plastic toy eyes, and fed with polyester toy filling; making him the perfect lil’ friend for your home!

    Every Sneezie comes with a free adoption certificate!

    As with a lot of cuddly toys, this little yeti was born with small eyes, that left un supervised, could potentially become a hazard in younger children who like to nibble. Each Sneezie is hand-made, meaning they are all unique with their own charms, and no two Sneezies being the same!




    Height: 26 cm

    Width: 19 cm

    Depth: 12 cm

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