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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to more specific questions.

  • What if I can't find the product I am looking for?
    - Sneezies are individually hand-made and are each unique, therefore when one is sold, there will never be an exact copy again. However, I use a handful of templates and felt colours, so chances are there will be something you like elsewhere! - My prints are sold on a 'Print on Demand' service, meaning i dont hold any physical stock, therefore if you cant find a print you wanted, it simply means i don't run that design anymore.
  • Can I change my order?
    - Orders will not be processed until a payment has been made. Up until that point you can change to your hearts content. - If an order has been completed and paid for, you can cancel the order and a refund will be provided as soon as possible. - If a placed order has been shipped it cannot be changed. Please check my Returns + Refunds page here for more details before you do anything, please.
  • My checkout says the Sneezie I chose is "out of Stock", in my shopping basket, why?"
    - Because each Sneezie is a one of a kind creature, when one is sold, that's it. Therefore if you really want a specific Sneezie, you have to be as quick as possible to avoid anyone else purchasing it before you complete your order. I realise this might be annoying, but it stops people from putting a bunch of Sneezies in their shopping basket and denying anyone else from purchasing.
  • What do you mean by adoption?
    When I make my Sneezies, I like to think that I am bringing each one to life, and I just want them to end up in a happy home as a part of someone's family!
  • When will my order arrive?
    - That fully depends on the time and day you place your order, however be assured I will ship the item as soon as I possibly can. - Checkout my delivery policies here.
  • Who will deliver my order?
    All orders are delivered by Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed.
  • What shipping options do I have?
    I ship Using either Roal Mail 2nd or 1st Class Standard postage! More detailed shipping information can be found on my delivery queries page here.
  • How will my sneezie be packaged?
    - All Sneezies are tucked up in bubble wrap and tissue paper before being placed inside a compostable poly bag. - Inside the bag will be the Sneezie that has been chosen, an adoption certificate, a set of free stickers, and a thank you note, along with a copy invoice for proof of purchase.
  • How will my print be packaged?
    - All A3 prints are wrapped in tissure paper and kraft paper before being rolled inside a triangular tube. - A5 and A4 prints are placed in a card backed envolope instead of a big triangular tube.
  • Can I purchase multiple Prints at once?
    - Of course! If you want a bunch of prints, I have a few coupons you can easily find on the prints pages. - To save on shipping materials and costs, it will be a lot easier if I can place multiple prints inside one triangle tube or backed envelope.
  • Can I Purchase multiple Sneezies?
    YES! You can order any number of Sneezies at one time as long as they are in stock.
  • Can I place an order for delivery outside of the UK?
    - Free shipping is only available on orders placed for UK delivery. - Please contact me to find out about the additional charges for delivery to locations outside of the UK.
  • Can I return an International Order?
    - All return costs are paid for by the customer and may not be refunded.
  • Can I find a physical store to return items too?
    - Unfortunatly I am only a small online business, and don't currently have a physical store you can vist. - My return details can be found here.
  • Can you provide a list of things that can't be returned/ refunded?
    Here is a list of circumstances where I can refuse returns or refunds: - Products purchased over 30 days after delivery was made. - Products without original packaging and labels. - Products or packaging in poor condition. - Sneezies that have been used and cannot be re-sold by me at full price (Inspection needed) - Prints that have been defaced or customised by the customer. *All returns are handled case by case by myself personally in direct contact with the customer, to make each experience as simple and easy as possible. For more information on refunds or returns, please click here.
  • Will I recieve a refund if I return an item?
    - All refunds are evaluated on a case by case basis. - There are certain situations when I will not automatically accept returns. Please click here for more detailed information.
  • Why was I not given a refund for an item I returned?
    - If you have not been given a refund, I will tell you way in advance with details as to why I cannot offer one to you. - For more detailed information on my refunds policy, click here.
  • How do I return an item?
    When you ask for a return to be processed, we will provide you with an adress for the product to be sent to. Please ensure that the return is correctly addressed and that it is insured and signed. Please be aware that the customer is responsible for any return delivery costs! For more information, please click here.
  • What is a Sneezie?
    - Sneezies are a group of sasquatch like creatures that live in remote and hard to find areas, but are currently looking for new and safe places to call home, with a loving family.
  • What are Sneezie noses made from?
    - Each Sneezie nose is carefully shaped by hand with needle felting wool, therefore makes each one unique.
  • Is the fur safe?
    - As with alot of faux fur and stuffed toys in general, even with the strictest safety measures, there are always opportunities for potential harm, but when treated properly, all Sneezies are safe and cuddly. - For more information about Sneezie care, please click here.
  • Will the Sneezie I want be re-stocked?
    - Unfortunatly no. Each Sneezie is hand made with a limited amount of fur; meaning each Sneezie is unique and always different. However, I might be able to re-stock specific furs and shapes, depending on popularity and availability from suppliers. - For more information on my stock details, please click here.
  • How many types of Sneezies are there?
    - I am always experimenting with different sizes and shapes to see which comes out best, but I generally stick to four sizes. (Small/ Regular/ Large/ Massive).
  • What is inside a Sneezie?
    - All Sneezies are stuffed with standard polyester toy filling. - I must stress to keep all Sneezies away from fire at all times! - Sneezies not play toys, more information on Sneezie care can be found here.
  • Who is Tobbs?
    - Hey there! I'm Tobbs. My name is Toby Pritchard, I'm a recent MA graduate with a love of storytelling and soft stuffed friends. I have an about me page with links to my other medias here.
  • Who makes the Sneezies?
    - All Sneezies are hand made and stuffed by myself! My BA degree background was in the process and materials used in creating stop motion puppets, and it became a natural step when creating stuffed toys.
  • Where are you based?
    - I am currently based in Manchester, UK.
  • Who creates your artwork?
    - Alongside my Sneezie making, I am also an illustrator and animator, so all artwork and animations are created by myself.
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